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Saturday, October 29, 2011


During my search on the internet as my hobby I came across this lovely blog and it was loaded with tutorials and teachings on internet and hacking, you will also find it hlpful if you go to the blog now. I really do not want to be selfish so I share the blog now by cklicking this link HEREWITHYOU
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had the same problem but found the solution on an other site. Basically you have to do the following:
1. go to C:/Program Files/Windows jZip Toolbar
2. in the folder there is a uninstall file for the toolbar execute it
3. delete the folder (not necessary)
4. open FF and type in the adressbar "about:config"
5. say you will be careful
6. type jzip in the filter bar
7. reinitialize all the values with "jzip" that are shown
8. close FF and restart => no more jzip startup page

Monday, October 17, 2011


You can now do more with your mobile phone and experience endless possibilities with the all new MTN Mobile Internet plans. Take the web in your hands with any of our affordable and flexible Mobile Internet Plans specially designed for use on your mobile phone.

What's more? With MTN´s extensive data coverage which spans

Mobile Internet Daily Plans:

10MB all you need do is to text 104 to 131 and you will get a 10 megabite that will be active for 24 hours

Mobile Internet Weekly Plans:

Activation keyword: text 105 to 131 and you get 25 megabite databundle that wil be active for seven days for just 400 naira.

Mobile Internet Monthly Plans:

Activation keyword text106 to 131 and you get 100MB data plans that will be active for a month for just 1000 naira

250MB is anothe monthly plan from MTN that goes for N1,300 which will be be valid for just 30 days with 250 mebabite bundle plan, just text 109 to 131

500MB is another surprise package from MTN this goes for 2000 naira only and valid also for a month, send 110 to 131.

1GB is another bundle plan from Y'ellow MTN for 3,500 naira, you get 1 gigabyte data bundle, text 111 to 131 and it is also valid for a month.
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