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                           DOWNLOAD ANY E -BOOK USING POWER SEARCH
Go to powersearchtool download the toolbar and intstall it on youir systyem it will automatically cropped in on your internet explorer and you will see it on the toolbar of your browser and there and then you can download any ebook of your choice using this software. all you need do is to type the name of the ebook let say RICH DAD POOR DAD or THINK AND GROW RICH in the bar of the PST and click on power in front of the the bar and a drop down list of menu will show forth also click on file type another drop down list will show forth then choose pdf and there and then you get the ebook download freely without paying a dime.
2. go to google and type intitle:"index.of"rich dad poor dad and click on search and you get index directory of the site from where you can download the ebook, you can use this simple means to download any ebook online evading payment and removal of your money.ENJOY