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Monday, December 27, 2010

unlimited free browsing on your PC

free browsing using proxy tunneller has come to stay there were days of proxifier with GLO and then came YOUR FREEDOM with MTN thereafter we had TOR,FREEGATE,JONDO,HOTSPOT all worked with MTN. Now AIRTEL has joined the bandwaggon of networks that you can use proxy tunneller with, you can browse freely on AIRTEL Network using their homepage http://airtellive.com with port 80 on your mozilla. then go to the browser and type sneakme.net and you keep surfing endlessly.

i am here to share a new way of surfing using a new underground method. mind you this is no your freedom, jap and jondo, freegate, or IWP never. it has more higher speed and it works with yahoo messanger and it also update your system programmes. contact me if you really need the configuration i bet you will enjoy this till it last

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the cheapest call rate

zain has unveil a new name and also come up with a cheap call rate for her numerous customers in Nigeria. the call rate is now 20k per secondds to any network and USA(landline and mobile inclusive). the only condition is that the first minute call is 60k per secondas and any other calls made on the network for the day to any neetwork is chargedd on 20k per secconds. It also come with 20 free SMS in a month. i hope MTN and GLO will follow suit. go to AIRTEL

Saturday, October 30, 2010


online payment is now possible via liberty reserve and alertpay but many have fall a victim of fraud from the hands of fake and fraudulent exchangers, it is now left up to you to decide if you will make real money and at the same time exchange your money for liberty reserve or alert pay, i have found this website that pay its affiliate by depositing their earned affiliate share into their LB or ALERTPAY account CHECK IT OUT HERE NOW

Monday, October 4, 2010

glo mobile bundle package

Many a people get lot of problem to get the codes for GLO MOBILE data bundle plan i am here to share the information with you here freely. to start send ACTIVATE in an sms to 127 and you will surely be redirected with the necessary codes.here are the plans GLO LEISURE send 30 to 127 GLO WORK send 31 to 127 G100 send 20 to 127 G300 send 21 to 127 ALWAYS DAY send 10 to 127 ALWAYS MIN send 11 to 127 ALWAYS MAX send 12 to 127 ALWAYS MICRO send 13 to 127. GET MORE SOON

Monday, September 27, 2010



MTN has come up with a data bundle that is affordable,for everybody especially students here are the codes for the packages
1. send 104 as SMS to 131 for a 10MEG 24hrs browsing you must have 100 naira on your SIM
2. send 105 as SMS to 131 for a 25meg 7 days browsing it cost 400 naira
3. swnd 106 to 131 for 100 MEG this is meant to be use for a month, it cost 1000 naira.

Give this a test and enjoy, let other network follow suit

Friday, September 10, 2010


i have decided to give out this free ebook written by patrick ogidi without any opt in or signing in. this ebook explains how you can get a free mastercard anywhere. it is a hold me by the hand and self explanatory ebook and a newbie could try it out easily. get your now at FREE MASTERCARD EBOOK say thank you later

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How To Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog

Friday, September 3, 2010


Do you know you are few minutes away from building your first website? I have taken it upon myself to gather arsenal of sites where you could be train and build your free website without any hassle. believe me before now you desire to have a website where you could make thousands of dollars doing almost nothing, your problem is now over if you follow my arsenal of directories now by checking BUILDING AN ONLINE WEBSITE you will always thank me for giving you this information freely.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


MTN DATA PLAN This is where you get free information on how browse freely anywhere and get acess to free information on technology and mobile telecommunication. MTN has 3 packages they are daily, night and monthly. To enjoy the full 24/7 mtn data package for a full month send 101 as sms to 131 but load 10000 naira on your phone or modem the data to be used is 3Gigabyte To enjoy the night bundle send 102 as sms to 131 make sure you have loaded your MTN SIM with 2500 naira. The data to be used is 3Gigabyte as well To enjoy the daily bundle load 500 naira on your sim or modem and send 103 as sms to 131. The daily bundle attracts 50Megabyte data to be used within 24hours or it will expire. MTN has come up with another plan for making call and using data. I will keep you posted with other network providers soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Browse on your phone easily using ETISALAT but you need an internet enabled phone and get operamini 4.2 installed on it and browse using the etisalat. This does not involve any code or cheat but I must confess it is erratic and inconsistence. I will get back to you soonest

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do you desire to have a mastercard? Ok have you desire to purchase anything online which your normal ATM card could not buy? Do you have interest in paying for a domain name but you dont have the means? Do you really want to request for your online money from survey programmes, CPA, Affiliate marketing, domain flipping and other money making scheme on the internet? Then the solution is here Payoneer mastercard is the solution you need. Yes other banks in Nigeria could issue this mastercard as well but payoneer will save you from the hassle and stress Nigeria bank will give you(you may not be able to scale through their requirments as well) but you could get your mastercard posted to your address free. And you can use any ATM with mastercard to withdraw your money and you could load money on the card via liberty reserve. Send a message with the title 'I NEED THE MASTERCARD' to ictfreein4o@googlemail.com and you get immediate response on what to do. I belief you wont linger. Cheers

Monday, August 23, 2010


information is power if you have acess to information oh you are powerful with it you could turn the whole world upside down you could rake in cash into your pocket, what is the information you have? why dont you package it in an ebook and sell it to people. as i do. do not do what the guru say but do what they do a word is enough for the wise. see you later

Saturday, August 7, 2010


make cool cash from domain flipping business as i do. go to CO.CC and register your domain name such as my own adsense domain and monetise the domain with adsense and start driving traffic to your sites you can do that by using your website addresss as your signature in forums and write articles relating to your domain and post to ezine and possibly people clicks on your domain adverts google pay you for that and you start making cool cash as you have legit clicks on the parked domain site. you try it out. just try and make sure you have a high paying keyword and you detect that by using keywordspy go ahead and testify

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


there is advancemence in technology throughout the world do you know people are no longer interested in carrying heavy gadjets about things are on daily basis becoming more smaller, let us take it from this perspective look at the desktop computers people use in those good old days they are heavy, bigger and tough but these days we have flat screen and we now have a touch screen laptop that coan easily fit into a small bag. we dont even need to get home before watching a TV this can easily be done on our mobile phones i remmeber nokia patner with MTN to make Nokia 5330 for this purpose. you can now create a wapsite and make cool cash from these wapsites, yes go to WAPKA and there are other wapsite creators that could be helpful to you site like MUF and have your site created and insert your adsense code to make cool cash like GEORGE HACKER GO AHEAD AND MAKE COOL CASH USING WAPSITES. That is where the world is going: becoming more smaller and reachable

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am happy to reveal these wonderful sites i have come across online and i would be selfish if i would not share them with you do you really want to browse free and learn a lot of things online go HERE do you want to download powerful ebooks and tutorials that could be helpful to your online money making? then FLOODLE and SURE WEALTH Do you really want to create a website/ then this WEBSITE is good for you. DO YOU YEARN FOR MORE?


do you know there are scammers online? yeah there are. have you ever seen mouth watering promises online BEWARE! i have met many sites that are scams and time wasters, yeah get me hook up in the next write up for how to detect these Scam sites

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Make cool cash surfing freely

So many youths waste their precious time surfing for adult content and many even indulge themselves in the act of defrauding innocent and sincere people online thereby making their country name blacklisted, here you will learn a simple but legal way of making cool cash online without duping others of their hard earned money there are various means of making money legally online: online survey CPA Google Adsense Information marketing Sport betting Forex trading GOOGLE ADSENSE to make cool cash from adsense you need to get a web designed HERE OR get a free blog at BLOGGER or get a web designer to design your website there and then choose a NICHE that can pull traffic to your website. then go to ADSENSE and get yourself registerd it is FREE.A code will be given to you copy and inset the code on the HTML of your page and then drive traffic to your website but do not spam or else you will get ban. I will explain how to drive traffic in my next post. google pay you for clicks on the adverts on your website, one more thing please do try to do the clicks yourself or else you will get banned. Google releases check every 15th of each month but you must have got 100 dollar or 70 euros. catch you next time


There is this special software that allows you to browse non restrictedly and this could be use to mask your IP address and possibly browse freely. Download the software and insert some settings i will be writing in my next post and bingo you are done. Keep surfing freely.