ictinfoblog.com Free access to information: 4 WAYS YOUR ACCOUNT CAN BE LOOTED BY BANKERS

Thursday, May 12, 2011


It is no longer news that many have been defrauded of their hard earn money by some smart 419 bankers. There is need to beef up our security on the ways and method we use in the transaction and transffering of money. This post will expose how these con men tricked their victim and how they feed fat on their income

  1. KEY LOGGER : This method will make sure your account get lean contrary to what you get in your depositor’s slip. your complaint to the bank will not in any way solve the issue, all they will be telling you is that you are responsible for the withdrawals made on your account, watch it you are a victim of key logger, it is a small device it is also known as extractor and it could be used to spy on sevral account holders’ passwords and other vital information of the account when inserted in the bank computer USB/PS2 Keyboard without anybody detecting any external device
  2. SKIMMING MACHINE : If you have ever recieved an alert telling you that your account has been debited of a particular amount of money without your authorization, that simply means you have fallen a victim of skimming machine. the machine decode and store the information on your ATM strip behind your credit and debit card. the fraudster after getting this information will immediately upload the information on a laptop and thereafter print it onto bank card with magnetic strips pasted behind them right away your ATM card is not far from beign cloned. That is why customers are advised to keep their password safe and secured and never leave their card with any of the bank official immediately it is done.
  3. CLONING OF CHEQUE :  This is another trick commonly used by corrupted bank officials, this cloning of check starts after the check owner has signed it with necessary details of the amount and the name of the person but surprisingly the person who suppose to get the money in his account will never get it. what they do is to skillfully lift the name and the account number of the recipient to that of his aids or co-worker.
  4. DRY POSTING : This is a borrowed language in the finance industry. this is a special way fraudulent people loot shareholders of their depositors account, some of those people involved in this nefarious activity are those official incharge of posting of funds into share holders account but they would rather create an immaginary or unreal figure and post them to shareholders and the real money would be diverted into private use.

While many of those people who have fallen victim of these corrupt acts have not been given necessary attention in banks not to talk of compensation