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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


there is advancemence in technology throughout the world do you know people are no longer interested in carrying heavy gadjets about things are on daily basis becoming more smaller, let us take it from this perspective look at the desktop computers people use in those good old days they are heavy, bigger and tough but these days we have flat screen and we now have a touch screen laptop that coan easily fit into a small bag. we dont even need to get home before watching a TV this can easily be done on our mobile phones i remmeber nokia patner with MTN to make Nokia 5330 for this purpose. you can now create a wapsite and make cool cash from these wapsites, yes go to WAPKA and there are other wapsite creators that could be helpful to you site like MUF and have your site created and insert your adsense code to make cool cash like GEORGE HACKER GO AHEAD AND MAKE COOL CASH USING WAPSITES. That is where the world is going: becoming more smaller and reachable