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Monday, July 26, 2010

Make cool cash surfing freely

So many youths waste their precious time surfing for adult content and many even indulge themselves in the act of defrauding innocent and sincere people online thereby making their country name blacklisted, here you will learn a simple but legal way of making cool cash online without duping others of their hard earned money there are various means of making money legally online: online survey CPA Google Adsense Information marketing Sport betting Forex trading GOOGLE ADSENSE to make cool cash from adsense you need to get a web designed HERE OR get a free blog at BLOGGER or get a web designer to design your website there and then choose a NICHE that can pull traffic to your website. then go to ADSENSE and get yourself registerd it is FREE.A code will be given to you copy and inset the code on the HTML of your page and then drive traffic to your website but do not spam or else you will get ban. I will explain how to drive traffic in my next post. google pay you for clicks on the adverts on your website, one more thing please do try to do the clicks yourself or else you will get banned. Google releases check every 15th of each month but you must have got 100 dollar or 70 euros. catch you next time